I'm known as 'dsample' pretty much everywhere online, and I have accounts on more sites than I can remember, let alone list here.

In my spare time I'm automating my home using Z-Wave components, as well as trying to find innovative uses for consumer RFID readers and Mobile Codes.


I have two blogs. The main one is my personal blog, where I write about anything that comes into my head, mostly in the realms of mobiles, home automation, and technology in general.

The second blog is centered about GIS and location based services. I created this one to give a friend a creative outlet for her thoughts, but found that I had an interest too.


You can follow me on a number of sites, including:


I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I try to take some creative photos whenever I'm travelling.

I put all my photos onto Flickr.

I also share occasional (rare) videos on Vimeo.

Other activity

If you think we might have similar travel schedules/destinations, you can share your trips with me on TripIt.

If you'd like to see which other services I'm using (or maybe neglecting) take a look at ClaimID for a reasonably up-to-date list.