I won a Nintendo DS Lite

I'm now equipped with Guitar Hero on Tour, courtesy of Raffle.it (and Game). I was considering buying one, good thing I didn't!


Raffle.it is a fairly new reverse-auction style 'raffle' site. What do I mean by reverse-auction raffle? Well, rather than bidding on an item you buy a ticket, and rather than just buying a random ticket you pick a number. The winner is the lowest numbered unique ticket, meaning if someone else pick's the same number ticket as you, you're not going to win.

When you understand the rules you start to ponder about human psychology, will people pick number 1, or will they all be scared off by the fact that it's so obvious, and other such thoughts. When you've thought about that for long enough you end up deciding what your 'system' is going to be. I decided that for small raffles (sub 150ish numbers/tickets) the winning number would most probably be less than 10, medium sized raffles (around 300) less than 20.

So how did I win a FREE Nintendo DS Lite? Well, Nokia was launching it's music download service (if I remember correctly) and they created a free-to-enter raffle to win an N81 with some free music downloads. Of course I entered (10 free tickets per person) and started to look around the site a bit where I found another free-to-enter raffle for a Nintendo DS Lite, which of course since you know the outcome, I entered, choosing number 4 along with a couple of others that I was immediately told weren't unique.

After just over a month the raffle ended and I was surprised to receive the winner confirmation and to now be immortalised on their site:

screenshot of the raffle

After exchanging a couple of emails to Pascal I'm now the proud owner of a Nintendo DS Lite

The unboxed console with Guitar Hero


Monday 28 December 2009 22:28 | user icon gustavo

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