Where's Nokia Sensor Gone?

Nokia Sensor allowed people to communicate through bluetooth with other users of the application through a bluejacking type method... Where has it gone!?

Writing my last blog posts got me thinking about Nokia Sensor again. The site shows that it's still available for a few old S60 devices, but it isn't available for S60 3rd Edition at all.

I loved Nokia Sensor when it was new... I loved the concept of creating another level of socialising on top of a normal night in the pub. I've tried many applications in the past, most who's names completely escape me, but they were all completely separate from each other, creating several very minor networks around the world, rather than one larger system.

Is the concept still valid?

At least in the UK, people are always told that bluetooth is a terrible security risk and should always be turned off when not in use, although you do see some people in the pub with bluetooth names like 'chat to me' and 'single and cute'. If you try to send a message/picture to the person it very rarely goes through, either because it's asking 'do you want to accept this message...' or because the device they have just doesn't want to accept it anyway.

I would love Nokia and other social mobile applications (eg. Jaiku) to put some more time into developing a location-based (bluetooth) communication mechanisms, even if the messages themselves aren't sent using bluetooth. I have some ideas of my own that I might put down on paper sometime... Is anyone up for developing a J2ME/S60 app (open source, of course)?


Wednesday 20 June 2007 03:06 | user icon Darla
Friday 6 July 2007 04:54 | user icon interested

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