Espruino - JavaScript Microcontroller

The newest Kickstarter project for a micro-controller board (a la Arduino/Raspberry Pi) but with JavaScript as it's core sketching language.

Espruino board

I'm just about to back the Esruino Kistarter project, a new Microcontroller prototype board similar to an Arduino. The big difference with this new board is the use of JavaScript as the main sketching language.

At first glance it may appear to be a lot more basic than an Arduino, given that there are no sockets shown for wires or ribbon cables to plug into, but don't let it's appearance turn you away, because it packs a lot of features, including a microSD card slot, Bluetooth (for remote control and remote sketch updating) and a raft of other connections.

The Espruino board is smaller than an Arduino Uno, and therefore is not compatible with Arduino Shields (add-on boards connected to an Arduino without soldering), but since there are a number of components already on-board it's not such an issue, and they appear to have similar shield-like board designs/examples, so hopefully there will be some available later.

Most noteably missing is Ethernet or Wi-Fi for Internet access, but now they've reached their stretch goal they're promising software compatibility with Adafruit's CC3000 Wi-Fi module.

Pledge amounts and rewards

I got a bit confused with seeing exactly what was being offered as rewards for each pledge level, so I've drawn out a feature matrix below.

  £19 £38 £44 £69 £99
Board 2✕ 5✕
RF Wireless (NRF24L01+) 2✕
Bluetooth module (HC-05) 5✕
Wi-Fi (CC3000)
25 Individually addressable LEDs
Small servo 2✕
Temperature sensor (DS18B20)
Light sensor
Patch wires

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