Beginner S60 Development Podcast

I'm having trouble starting to program for S60, so I thought I'd document my progress and see if the experts have some tips/advice along the way.

I've been interested in making some applications for S60 devices (My N95) for a while now, but never got round to having a thorough go at it. My main problem has been that I download SDKs and IDEs for (in both C++ and Java) and it always takes me ages to figure out how to compile the 'Hello World' examples, even from following the video tutorials.

I have experience with scripted languages like PHP and Ruby on Rails, and partial experience of Java, but very little knowledge of C++, so I think I may be in a good position to show a real beginner's experience.

I'm aiming my podcast (both audio and video) at people wanting to get into the world of S60 but currently only have experience of desktop programming. I may not do everything perfectly correctly, but I'll be learning at the same time, so please correct me in the comments.

I will begin by assessing the different available languages, the merits of each and possibly a 'Hello World' app in each, then I will settle down with my chosen language and go more in depth.

Release Schedule and Guests

I will be doing this in my spare time, so please forgive the very irregular release schedule.

If you are an expert on S60 programming (whether that's C++, Java, Python or some other language) please get in touch, I'd really like to have some people on my show to spread knowledge.

If you don't have a Google+ account you can comment using the normal comment form below

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On weekdays I'm a Technical Lead at, having previously been a Solution Architect at Nokia & Nokia Siemens Networks, creating creative software solutions for mobile operators around the world.

In my spare time I'm an avid new technology fan, and constantly strive to find innovative uses for the new gadgets I manage to get my hands on. Most recently I've been investigating Mobile Codes, RFID and Home automation (mainly Z-Wave). With a keen eye for usability I'm attempting to create some cost-effective, DIY technology solutions which would rival even high-end retail products. The software I develop is usually released as Open Source.

I have a Finnish geek partner, so have begun the difficult task of learning Finnish.

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