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Conference Call Dialer

This is a small tool which hopes to ease the pain for people who have to participate in lots of conference calls.

This acts like a Contacts application specifically for conference call numbers, storing the access code, pin and switchboard numbers for flexibility.

Specifications & Requirements


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If you like what I've made, and have the means and desire to donate, you have a couple of options. Don't feel obliged to though, the app's as free as you want it to be.


If you'd like to contribute with the development of this app, please let me know via Twitter or directly through GitHub. Of course, you're free to fork the repository and extend it as you wish.

  • License: Open Source - Apache 2.0
  • Source: GitHub

If you launch a significantly different version of the application please let me know and I'll link to your app from this page too.


  • Voice dialing support
  • Backup access numbers (in case one is busy)
  • Country-specific dial-in numbers
  • Automatic detection of current country and dial the corresponding access number
  • Support for non-standard dial-in number per conference
  • XML/VCard import/export
  • Online sync (backup) and configuration
  • Calendar item support if possible (dial into a conference from a reminder)
  • Multi-company support

Have suggestions? Add it as an issue on GitHub


1.0 - - Initial release


I'm not a graphics designer, so I found part of my application's icon (in version 1.0) from Joseph Wain's CC-licensed Glyphish icon set.